Sunday, 4 April 2010

Learning to Squirt

Moving on to squirting from peeing only requires a couple slight changes in technique. Empty your bladder first; you will want to let go without a full bladder producing the pressure or urge. The urge should still develop, just not be the result of a full bladder. The urge to ejaculate may not occur without there being stimulation of your prostate or urethra. This is likely to require the use of a dildo if you are alone. As you massage your clitoris, using your fingers or a dildo stimulate your urethra by massaging the top of your vagina; using only light pressure at first. Massage the full length of your urethra, from the opening of your vagina back into your vagina a couple inches. Keep up the clitoral massage. Try different pressures and strokes. Massaging the urethral meatus may feel pleasant. Stimulating your urethra may cause you to feel the need to release liquid from your bladder and this is desired. Do not fight the urge, go with the flow, literally. Relax and breathe deeply.

If you find a spot that is highly sensitive you may want to concentrate solely on it, but you may find it is too sensitive to stimulate directly. If your G-Spot is highly sensitive you may find you are only able to tolerate its stimulation when you are very close to orgasm, when your pain threshold has increased. Keep massaging your clitoris and urethra. Continue to the point of orgasm. A slow build up with lots of teasing may help produce the greatest urge and strongest orgasm. When orgasm occurs relax your bladder and press out as if urinating. If you ejaculate you will likely feel a new and strong sensation, if not, you will still experience a strong orgasm, so nothing is lost. You may not be aware of any increased wetness until after the orgasm has subsided. Being able to ejaculate may take practice even if you are able to squirt liquid from your bladder during orgasm. It is not known whether all women can ejaculate so you just have to experiment. In any event it should be a pleasurable experience.

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